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Research Skills


This page highlights some of the workshops that I have completed in order to gain new research skills or hone existing skills.


My aim in furthering my research program is to focus on particular skills, such as bioinformatics or taxonomy. Additionally, I use many of the skills I gain through teaching workshops in mentoring others in research.



Analyzing UCE Phylogenomic Data, Cornell University, NY.


Geospatial Analysis, Penn State University, PA.

Geospatial Exploration, Penn State University, PA.

Dialictus Bee Identification Workshop, Cornell University, NY.



Gene Function Annotation, BioHPC Lab, Cornell University, NY.




Perl for Biologists, BioHPC Lab, Cornell University, NY.


RNA-Seq Data Analysis, BioHPC Lab, Cornell University, NY.




The Bee Course, Southwest Research Station, AZ.




GIS Workshop, Saint-Louis University, MO.

Check out some of the wonderful advice my mentors have shared with me here.

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