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Pollination Biology

This page is dedicated to educational materials that I've developed for pollinator outreach.


Working on bees is an excellent opportunity to engage the public in research on pollination biology and the importance of ecosystem services. I have spoken about some of my research to adult audiences through the Science Cafe program at Penn State University and have conducted pollinator walks for students interested in Entomology through 4-H, an organization dedicated to youth development and mentoring. I have also interacted with many people about pollinators through volunteering at the Great Insect Fair and in the Pollinator room at Insectapalooza, the large-scale annual outreach events of the Entomology Departments at Penn State University and Cornell University, respectively.


I have three main goals for my pollination biology outreach program:


1) To highlight the importance of ecosystem services to human pursuits, particularly pollination

2) To showcase the various interactions of plants and pollinators, particularly bees and their host plants

3) To suggest practical and easy to implement strategies that will help to support native pollinator populations

For example, I developed a poster with practical suggestions that the public can use to support native pollinators. You can download the poster here.

The Bees Knees
Additionally, I integrate my pet insects into my outreach efforts. Click to learn more about the BugZoo.
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