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Kristen Brochu



Currently a postdoctoral researcher at Penn State University in the López-Uribe Lab, I completed my PhD in the Danforth Lab at Cornell University. I received my BSc in Wildlife Biology from McGill University and my MSc in Evolutionary Biology from the University of Toronto. I have always been fascinated by the natural world, and my love of biology was only reinforced by several excellent field research opportunities during my undergraduate studies. I enjoy being involved in science communication and outreach activities as I love sharing my passion for science with others. In my research, I am interested in insect diversity and behavior, specifically pollinator health and foraging behaviour. My dissertation was focused on examining the chemical ecology and physiological adaptations of the squash bee Peponapis pruinosa to its specialist diet. Although I currently study bees, I love all insects and have spent a lot of quality time with my collecting net in Canada, the United States, Barbados, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, and The Bahamas. When not traveling, I can usually be found tending to my pet insect zoo or enjoying some time outside.


I pride myself on being dedicated to my passions and goals. In pursuing my career goals, I know that I will always be a student of both research and teaching. I continually practice and hone my skills, recognizing that I can always improve. I strive to be not only a teacher, but a mentor, building strong connections with others as I help them to develop their own skills. The sense of exploration and empowerment that comes through self-guided discovery drives much of my enthusiasm for learning and is reflected in my research, teaching, and outreach goals.


Find out more about me from my CV.

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