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Previous Courses

This page describes some of the previous courses that I've assisted in teaching.
Lab in Ecology and Evolution

I was a teaching assistant for this laboratory course at the University of Toronto for two semesters in Fall 2009 and Fall 2010. The course consists of a series of lab experiments demonstrating key concepts in ecology and evolutionary biology. There was also a preparatory lecture each week in advance of the lab. Every week I prepared a short review of the topic for each lab and dealt with any remaining student misconceptions. I also led the lab exercise and graded student reports. This class helped to prepare me for answering questions that I didn't anticipate and for troubleshooting activities in progress. It was also great for me to be able to take students through the whole scientific process, from asking a question, doing an experiment, and then communicating the results.

Guest Lecture: Animal Communication

Ecology & Evolution
Plant Physiology
Plant Physiology

I was the teaching assistant for this course at the University of Toronto for one semester in Spring 2011.  I was responsible for communicating course policy and answering questions for a large undergraduate course. I was also responsible for grading the exams in the course. During this course, I learned how important it is to have clear instructions and expectations for students, especially in a large class setting.

Marine Tropical Ecology

I assisted with this course the first time it was offered, as an unofficial teaching assistant at the University of Toronto in Spring 2010. I was responsible for assisting students in designing and implementing research projects that were carried out in Panama. This course was my first experience as the teaching assistant for a field course. It gave me a lot of experience in helping students to develop their own projects and in troubleshooting projects in the field.

Marin Tropical Ecology
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